About My Gold Medal Training Camp System

I have personally designed the Gold Medal Camp System so that you will learn and retain as much as possible. While college sponsored camps are often thrown together, Gold Medal Camp is very organized. Through a carefully planned sequence of instruction, unique drills, and review sessions, you will learn the techniques necessary to become a champion.

I will be present at ALL camps. I design the curriculum for every session, personally instruct many sessions, and am available for personalized instruction. I have made a commitment to coordinating the finest camp system in the world.

I have been an avid student of the sport since I was fourteen years old and made a commitment to becoming a State Champion. Since then I have trained year-round, experimenting with different techniques while drilling, wrestling, and coaching young wrestlers. While coaching at Penn State and Ohio State, I have had the privilege of working with some of the finest coaches and wrestlers in the nation. I have gone to training camps at the Olympic Training Center regularly since 1984. At these camps I trained with some of the best wrestlers in the world, expanding and polishing my repertoire daily. I also regularly analyze videotapes of State, NCAA, and Olympic Championships. I know and understand what it takes to become a Champion and am eager to share it with you.

I have carefully designed the entire technique curriculum so that everything you learn will be presented in an organized, systematic fashion. You will learn a system of wrestling—the same system that has made me and many other top wrestlers successful.



You will learn an array of set-up actions that will allow you to constantly pressure your opponent while always maintaining good position. Learn to attack your opponent in a variety of fashions from all angles using the inside step, knee spin, knee bounce, and low ankle mechanics of penetration. Our staff will also detail a variety of leg attack finishes so you can quickly and effectively finish your leg attacks both from your feet and when you get stuck on your knees.

If your opponent’s legs are back, you must work his head. You will learn the snap, shuck, head pull, and cross snap so you can wear your opponent down, open up your leg attacks &/or get his head down. You will learn a unique front headlock, cement job, cement mixer, whizzer & cobra series, as well as essential spin behind techniques, including the back hand and short drag. Many other counterattacks will be taught including the chestlock, bundled arms, spladle, and elevator series.

The slide by and throw by series will be carefully detailed, so you can score on the opponent who hangs on your collar. Advanced takedown techniques including throws, underhook attacks, two-on-one combinations, and low single attacks will also be covered.

My goal is for you to leave camp with a clear understanding of the takedowns you must master to excel, and the work ethic it will require to perfect them. I expect you to go home and develop into a takedown machine as so many past campers have.

Although takedowns are the most important and difficult area of wrestling to master, mat wrestling will NOT be neglected as it is at many other camps.


Emphasis will be on legs, tilts, & cradles, the most effective ways to turn a good opponent. Important breakdowns will be drilled as well as unique breakdowns to turns, including side headlock, inside ankle pretzel, and foot hook. You will learn to control and turn your toughest opponents. All nearfall techniques will be taught in extra small groups because the finer points are so important. Special sessions are offered for wrestlers particularly interested in advanced instruction on parallel legs, cradles, turks, and freestyle turns.


​​​​​​​Chain wrestling from the bottom position will be drilled daily. You will learn the finer points of the stand-up that will help you explode to your feet with back pressure for a quick escape, and you will develop a variety of second moves that can be used depending on your opponent's pressure. You will get to choose which reversal techniques you want expert instruction on and receive this instruction in extra small groups to learn the finer points. Special sessions are offered for wrestlers particularly interested in advanced instruction on granbys, head spins and counters to legs.