General Camp Questions

What is the camper/staff ratio?
Gold Medal = 10:1. Future Champions = 6:1

How well are the campers supervised?
Supervisors conduct bed checks every evening as well as role call at every session.

Is your camp schedule the same for the Future Champions Camp?

In the Super Gold option, during the second week of camp, do the wrestlers have the same instruction as they did the first week?
No, the second week consists of continued instruction.

Super Gold is an extremely beneficial and extra personalized experience during the 2nd week.

Will Ken be there?
Yes, Ken is actively involved teaching and coaching all camp sessions daily. 

Team Camp

What are your team discounts? When do the applications need to be in by?
8+ $50 off each wrestler, or a coach can come for free. 12+ $75 off each or 2 coaches can come for free. If wrestlers receive the discount, coaches will need to pay a fee to stay at camp. This fee covers room and board. Coaches should contact us now to let us know plans. We have a group discount deadline of March 30.

When are your team camps?
June 26-July 1 and July 3-8. We also offer shorter and longer options. 

Girls Camp

Where is your girls camp located?
Girls are welcome at any of our camps. Our Girls Camp begins June 26-29, though many girls attend for the entire two weeks of SuperGirl Camp June 26-July 10.  

Are there special accommodations for girls?

Payment Questions

When is camp fee collected?
When you enroll on line. 98% of payments are handled this way.

Can I pay a $500 deposit?
If you only want to pay the deposit at this time, please fill out the one line application and save it. Send check or money order for a $500 deposit to secure a spot. E-mail CAMPS@KenChertow.com for more info.


Do you provide transportation to and from the local airport or bus station?
Yes, transportation is provided to and from Altoona and State College airport as well as Altoona bus station. Please email us a copy of the flight itinerary and cell phone number that will be with the wrestler.  CAMPS@KenChertow.com. A staff member wearing a staff t-shirt or hotel personnel with a hotel van will pick up the wrestler.

Check-In & Camp Logistics

When is check in? When is check out? What are camp hours on other days?
Check in is between 12 and 2. Wrestling begins at 3. Check out is around noon on the last day. Other days, camp will run from 9:30am - 9pm.

Will I receive additional information including a list of items to bring?
Those enrolled in camp will receive an email approximately 2 weeks before the start of camp. This will include rules/regulations, a list of items to bring, directions, etc.

My child needs to take medication daily. Is there someone who can make sure he takes his medication?
There is a nurse at every camp. Have parent talk to her at camp  check in.

Housing Arrangements

Is room and board included in the camp fee?
Yes. Our camp fees include hotel, meals, all training, seminars and instruction.

What is your private room option?
Parents can pay us $100 per night for a private room when enrolling wrestler. Their wrestler(s) can stay with them in the room and receive our commuter discount.

What is your commuter option?
Our commuter rate is a savings of $75 off the regular camp fee, and still includes lunch and dinner.

Please explain the Parent/Child Camp option.
All Future Champions and many Kids Training Camp Students have parents with them at camp. Parents can buy a private room and meals and enjoy camp with their wrestlers. 

Do wrestlers have to spend the night at camp?
No, if you live close and want to commute, you are eligible for our commuter rate. Commuter rate is a discount of $75 off the regular camp fee and includes lunch and dinner.

How many campers per room?
4 per room with two double beds is standard.

Does my son have to share his bed with another wrestler?
On the on-line registration form, you have the option of buying out the other half of the bed for an additional $50 per night.

Can my son share a room with his friends?
Roommate requests can be written in the roommate request section of the application. Contact us with roommate request if your application has already been sent in.

My son does not have a roommate preference. How do you determine who will be sharing a room with him?
Wrestlers will be housed according to camp option, size and age.