General Camp Questions

  • How will we know what to bring to camp and what to expect at camp?  A camp newsletter will be emailed out in early spring as well as posted to the website.
  • What is the camper/staff ratio?  Teen camp = 10:1/Youth camp = 6:1
  • How are campers supervised?  Each resident camper will be assigned a roll call/bed check counselor. He/she will make sure your wrestler is in bed at curfew and awake each morning for the first session. We have lots of staff on site and have a strict no leaving the premises policy as well as not being out of assigned hotel room past curfew.
  • What time is curfew?  Resident campers are not allowed to be out of their rooms past 10 p.m.
  • Do the Future Champions campers have the same camp schedule as the older campers?  Yes
  • Do Super Gold campers have the same instruction the second week of camp that they received the first week of camp?  No, the second week of camp consists of continued instruction. Instruction becomes extra personalized during the second week.

Team Camp Questions

  • Do you offer discounts for teams?  Yes 
4 Wrestlers $25 discount per wrestler
8 Wrestlers $50 discount per wrester
12+ Wrestlers $75 discount per wrestler OR 1 coach comes for free


  • When is the deadline for team discounts?  Teams must be registered by March 31st to receive discount.
  • What are the dates for team camps?  July 13-18 or July 20-25; however, we do offer shorter/longer options.

Girls Camp Questions

  • Where is your girls camp located?  Our girls camp is located at the Blair County Convention Center, the same location as the boys. 
  • Where do the girls stay while at camp?  We house our female campers at a different hotel than our male campers. They have female camp counselors supervising them. We provide transportation from the hotel to the Blair County Convention Center at no additional cost.
  • Where do the girls eat their meals?  Breakfast will be eaten at the hotel, while lunch and dinner will be eaten at the Blair County Convention Center. 
  • How many days can my daughter stay at camp?  We offer 4 day, 6 day, and 16 day options for our female campers.

Payment Questions

  • When is the total cost of camp due?  Camp fees are due at time of enrollment.
  • What is included in the cost of camp?  High-quality wrestling instruction is included as well as all meals for all wrestlers. Those who enroll as residents (not staying with parents) will have their hotel included with the price. Those who are staying with parents as commuters will be responsible for taking care of their housing. Meals for parents are not included in the price of camp. We offer discounted hotel rates for parents as well as parent meal plans.
  • What if I cannot afford the total cost of camp right now?  You can email Beth@kenchertow.com to make payment plan arrangements. She will help get your son or daughter enrolled once a deposit is paid.


  • Do you provide transportation to and from local airports or bus stations?  Yes, we provide transportation to/from State College Airport and Altoona Airport (not recommended as there are quite a few delays/cancellations) as well as the bus station in Altoona.
  • Does it cost money to be transported?  Yes, the cost for transportation out of State College is $50/person/trip and $30/person/trip out of Altoona. Fees must be paid in full before time of service.
  • Do you provide transportation from hotels to the Blair County Convention Center?  We offer a free shuttle to/from the Blair County Convention Center and the hotel the girls are housed at before/after each session. A shuttle schedule will be available prior to camp.
  • How do I make transportation arrangements?  Transportation arrangements can be made by contacting Beth@kenchertow.com. She will need name of the wrestler, the wrestler's cell phone # (to be given to the shuttle driver for pick-up arrangements) as well as the flight itinerary. If flights change, please update her.

Check-In & Check-out Camp Logistics

  • When is check-in?  Check in dates are either July 13th and July 20th, depending on the camp you select. Check-in will be at the Blair County Convention Center from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. First session of camp begins promptly at 3 p.m.
  • When is check-out?  Camps ending on July 28th end at 11:00 a.m. All other camps end at 11:30 a.m.
  • What if I want to take my son/daugher for dinner during camp?  If your son/daughter is a commuter, you do not need to let us know; however, if your son/daughter is a resident camper, you will need to sign him/her out at the camp store.


  • Do you have medical personnel on staff?  Yes, we hire a camp nurse for the duration of camp. He/she is highly trained. 
  • My child takes medication daily. What should we do?  If your child is old enough/responsible enough to take on their own, that is fine as long as medication is listed on camp application. If not, please see the nurse at check-in.

Housing Arrangements

  • Is room and board included in the camp fee? Yes, for those who enroll as residents.
  • How many campers per room?  We house 4 campers per room; however, you are able to purchase a bed-buyout which would give your son/daughter a bed to themself.
  • How much is a bed-buyout and what does that mean?  The cost is $50/night. Your son/daughter will have have a bed to him/herself; however will have another roommate. Please note, we will try to house them with another camper with a bed buyout. Sometimes, it is not possible due to numbers, so they may have two roommates instead of one. We will do our best to house with just one other person.
  • What is the private room option? This is an option for parents only, not wrestlers. Wrestlers are not allowed to stay in hotel rooms alone. Parents can purchase a hotel room through one of our partnering hotels for $100/night. If the wrestler stays with the parent, you will enroll them as a commuter and receive a commuter camp discount.
  • What if we live close or have family who live in the area?  You will sign up as commuter and report to camp daily.​​​​​​​
  • Please explain the Parent/Child camp option.  All Future Champions are required to have a parent with them at camp. Parents are welcome to attend camp with their child, regardless of age. Parents can buy a private room through us at a rate of $100/night. Parent meals are available for $40/day. 
  • Do we have to purchase a private room through you?  No, you are free to make your own arrangements. It is a service we offer you at a discounted rate.
  • Can my child request a roommate?  Yes, there is a section on the camp application for you to request a roommate. Otherwise, you can let us know in writing before June 1st the roommate request. Please email request to Beth@kenchertow.com
  • My child does not have a roommate request. How do you determine who shares a room?  The first criteria is camp type. We house wrestlers according to the camp each as enrolled in. We then pair up roommates according to grade and weight.