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This intensive learning and training camp entails a unique blend of comprehensive technical instruction and structured drill sessions with lots of live wrestling. You will learn how to develop the mental toughness and confidence that you need to excel at the highest levels of competition. You will come to understand the technique, concentration, intensity, and commitment required to become a Champion.

Super Gold Medal Training Camp will be a valuable investment in your future. It is a special opportunity for the experienced wrestler who has college scholarship aspirations and wants to make a big commitment this summer.

6 or 9 day options

This incredible camp involves a unique blend of technical instruction, intense drilling, live wrestling, and review sessions. Technique is emphasized and reinforced, not neglected as it is at many other intensive camps. You will be taught by many of our superstar clinicians and will learn far more than you would at a shorter camp.

The live wrestling sessions are very intense and competitive. During the past two seasons, Gold Medal Campers have won an impressive 74 State Championships, while over 300 campers have placed in their High School State Tournaments. This does not include all the future stars still in junior high school. Many of our campers use Gold Medal Camp to train for USA Wrestling, NHSCA and AAU Nationals, so we have special instructional and training groups for those interested in freestyle and Greco-Roman training. If you want to test yourself against the best in the nation, Gold Medal Training Camp is the place to do it.



The Personalized Technique Camp is specifically designed for junior and senior high wrestlers with little to moderate experience. Our technique curriculum is carefully structured to present the most effective scoring techniques from all three positions in a systematic fashion to maximize retention. Techniques will be shown in a progressive sequence to promote learning and understanding of what works at all levels of competition. The wrestlers will have a designated coordinator from our Gold Medal Staff who will monitor each instructional session to review and expand upon the curriculum with each student. The wrestlers will be divided by age and experience as needed so that each wrestler is able to focus on the technical skills and tactics that they most need to improve upon. The base curriculum as designed by Coach Chertow will be comprised of the highest percentage techniques in wrestling, and they will be presented in a systematic fashion with emphasis on the finer teaching points. In addition to not only learning, but retaining a highly effective system of wrestling, Personalized Technique Camp Students will get to choose specific areas in which to receive advanced instruction. Although live wrestling is not a core component of the technique camp as it is with the Gold Medal Training Camp, participants will have the opportunity to participate in live wrestling during select sessions.

SuperKid Training Camp




A variation of the Gold Medal Training Camp that is designed for serious students entering grades 3-7. This is a step up from the Future Champions Camp for the hard core young wrestler. While many other camps conduct youth camps as an afterthought, We take great pride in our Kids Training Camps and the success of our students. We specialize in training youth wrestlers far better than any other camp in the nation, and elementary school wrestlers from across the country come to train at Kids Training Camp.


Designed for wrestlers grades 1–3 who have varying degrees of skill, experience, and attention span. We cater to the needs of both novice and advanced wrestlers, providing small group, personalized instruction. The Future Champions Camp motto is “Work Hard and Have Fun on Your Way to #1,” and the kids do just that. They learn the importance of hard work and aggressiveness while having fun and striving to be winners in all aspects of their lives. 



4 and 16 day options.


Kylie Welker, Olivia Shore, and Ashley Illiff (Gokin) were some of our Featured Female Clinicians in 2023, along with Camp Leaders Skie Roulo. We expect them back in 2024 along with Coach Chertow, Coach Clint Musser, Coach Ty Morgan, and Coach Zane Stickel,  who are also very involved coaching the girls along with our entire staff.  We give the girls consistent personalized coaching. Techniques taught will include both freestyle and folkstyle as women's college wrestling is entirely freestyle.