The Winter Training Camp is designed to give you a distinct edge over your opponents this season and during the years to come.

Since so many wrestlers benefit from the Gold Medal Summer Camp System, we know you can benefit tremendously from this mid-season intensive training camp. Through a carefully designed sequence of personalized instruction, intense drilling and live wrestling, you will come to understand the technique, intensity and commitment required to become a champion.

Informative and motivational discussions will also be conducted on important areas of sports science, including: nutrition, weight control, confidence development, mental preparation, and strength training. We have made a commitment to designing and coordinating the finest camp system in the world, and we are determined to help you reach your highest goals!

Coach Chertow will be teaching every session of our Winter Break Training Camp!

Our coaching staff will be staying with you at the Penn State Ramada Inn Conference Center and will be available to help you throughout the week.