Team Camps


Innovative Team Camp Format
While traditional preseason clinics and mini camps provide limited instruction on isolated techniques, our Weekend Warrior Team Camp is highly organized to focus on the skills and techniques that must be perfected for the upcoming season. In addition to the highly systematic technical progression, our Weekend Warrior Camps offer every member of your team an entire daily session dedicated to live wrestling, intense drilling, and serious training. We provide our campers with the opportunity to wrestle numerous matches of varying lengths while also including many “live situations”. This variety helps maintain a high level of intensity while reinforcing and perfecting the techniques presented in our instructional sessions. We spend a great deal of time planning each weekend in order to provide the skill development and training that is most appropriate for that time in the pre season or early season cycle. Coaches who bring their teams to our Weekend Warrior camps consistently remark how productive and beneficial the sessions have been in the preparation of their teams for the upcoming season.

Attention Coaches: Attend any weekend and your team will learn the techniques, drilling methods, and intensity that it takes to become a champion! We encourage you to attend camp with your team and see first hand how we will prepare your athletes for the start of the season. We offer coaching sessions with Ken and our staff, covering a wide variety of training methods and coaching techniques. Ken and our dedicated staff are available all weekend for questions and valuable personal feedback. We offer very generous group discounts and can arrange to have you or another adult attend camp with the team at no charge. We offer small group instruction at Weekend Warrior camps specifically designed for all ages and skill levels.