TEEN CAMP OPTION Resident/Commuter
Super Gold Gold Medal Camp  July 11-25 $1575

Super Gold Gold Medal Camp  July 17-25 $975

Super Gold Gold Medal Camp  July 11-23 $1375  FULL

Super Gold Gold Medal Camp  July 11-20 $1075  FULL

Gold Medal Camp (6 day) July 11-16 $625/550  FULL

Gold Medal Camp (6 day) July 17-22 $625/550  FULL

Gold Medal Camp (6 day) July 20-25 $625/550 

Technique Camp July 17-20 $445/370  FULL

Technique Camp July 20-24 $545/475


Technique Camp July 11-14 $425/350. 

Many dedicated girls want to stay longer for Gold or Super Gold. For example, full camp for girls July 11-25 is $1575.   If you do this, please sign up for Super Gold rather than girls camp, and write GIRLS in roommate preference. You will still be in the Girls Camp the first 4 days.

Kids Training(6 Day) July 11-16 $625/550

Kids Training(6 Day) July 17-22 $625/550
Kids Training(5 Day) July 17-21 $525/450

Kids Training(6 Day) July 20-25 $625/550

Camp tuition includes hotel and meals in addition to all of the camp sessions.

Parent/Child Future Champions Camp options

July 11-14  or July 17-20 - $350 commuter

Most teen campers come independently but many youth parents come for some or all days, and all Future Champions parents stay for this parent/child camp.

IMPORTANT for PARENTS: Parents can reserve a room when your complete the application for $85 per night including tax.  This can be for any amount of nights. You can also buy a parent meal package for $30 per day. This is recommended.

*Future Champions Camp price is a $350 commuter rate since a parent needs to come with camper. The 3 night hotel room cost is $255 plus $120 for the parent meal package. This total is $725 for a very special and memorable parents/child experience.

Questions?  CAMPS@KenChertow.com or 814-883-1193

Glad to help you pick the proper camp for your wrestler and team.