TEEN CAMP OPTION Resident/Commuter
Super Gold Gold Medal CampJuly 14-24 $1075/$1000
Gold Medal Camp (6 day) July 14-19 $625/550
Gold Medal Camp (5 day) July 20-24 $525/450
Technique Camp July 20-23 $425/350

Kids Training(6 Day) July 14-19 $625/550
Kids Training(5 Day) July 20-24 $525/450
*Future Champions July 14-17  or July 20-23  - $355 commuter

Camp tuition includes hotel and meals in addition to all of the camp sessions.

Most campers come independently but many youth parents come for some or all days, and all Future Champions parents stay for this parent/child camp.

Parents can reserve a room when your complete the application for $85 per night including tax.  This can be for any amount of nights. You can also buy a meal package for $30 per day.

*Future Champions Camp price is a commuter rate since a parent needs to come with camper. The 3 night hotel room cost is $255 plus $120 for the parent meal package.

Questions? CAMPS@KenChertow.com