2022 Camp Clinicians and Coaches

July 3-10

Zain Retherford, Mitchell Port, Brad Pataky and Matt Kocher.  

All 4 of these dedicated students grew up learning and training at my Home Training Center and Super Gold Summer Camp for a decade.

Carter Starocci's coach, NCAA Champion Mike Hahsey, Blair Academy Head Coach, Ross Gitomer, Mr Legs, Ron Pifer, and legends Rocky and Ricky Boonmo are also week 2 coaches. 

SuperGirl Camp Leaders - Kylie Welker, Ski Roulo, Clint Musser, Ty Morgan, Zane Stickel, Connor Lapresi. 

Super Gold 2-week Camp Leaders  - Blake Roulo and John Stutzman

Pure Wellness and Peak Performance Nutrition Coach - Ty Morgan.

Featured Clinicians week 1!  Camp is FULL -  AJ Schopp, John Fritz, Sam Brauswell, Jason Kiessling, and John Clark.