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Ken Chertow's Gold Medal Training Camp System

"Hard Work Makes Dreams Come True!"

I have personally designed the Gold Medal Camp System so that you will learn and retain as much as possible. My Gold Medal Camp is very organized. Through a carefully planned sequence of instruction, unique drills, and review sessions, you will learn the techniques necessary to become a champion.


Wrestling Gear

Fall Camps

Make plans now for the 2019 Gold Medal Summer Camp on July 14th - 24th!

Do you want to improve your wrestling skills and learn techniques that will stick with you as you move forward in your wrestling career? Then you should consider attending the youth wrestling camps for boys and girls available through Ken Chertow Wrestling. Ken Chertow is a former U.S. Olympic wrestler with years of coaching experience, and he has personally designed the Gold Medal Camp System to teach wrestlers of all ages the expert moves they will need to be successful on the mat. The camps are specifically designed to allow those who attend them to learn and, more importantly, retain as much information as possible.

Ken first started holding youth wrestling camps for boys and girls way back in the late 1980s after participating in the 1988 Olympics and graduating from Penn State. He spent several years coaching at Ohio State and Penn State after finishing school. However, since then, he has devoted most of his time to holding youth wrestling camps for boys and girls, including large summer camps for wrestlers of all ages and smaller weekend camps at other times of the year for those interested in developing their wrestling skills. His Gold Medal Camp System has produced proven results and helped thousands of wrestlers over the years.

When you sign up for one of the youth wrestling camps for boys and girls offered by Ken Chertow Wrestling, you will learn the techniques you will need to become a champion at your specific level. Ken always attends all of his camps, and he often works with many of those in attendance. He also makes himself available for those who want more personalized instruction, and he has made a real commitment to running the most efficient and productive wrestling camp in the world. Whether you want to improve your takedowns or learn wrestling techniques you haven’t been able to perfect yet, you can do it with the help of Ken Chertow Wrestling.

Also, be sure to check out the nutritional supplements and wrestling gear offered by Ken Chertow Wrestling.

Do you think you have what it takes to become a champion one day? Call Ken Chertow Wrestling at 814-466-3466 today to grab a spot at an intensive wrestling camp at Penn State in Happy Valley, PA. You will be glad you did!


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